Battery Type – How many types are there ?



Need To replace a battery, but do not know the battery type?  Batteries are classified in two separate categories.  There are primary and rechargeable types.  After doing some simple research, I discovered there is a minimum of 33 primary and 31 rechargeable.  Here is the break down by category :


Non-rechargeable or primary batteries:

Aluminium battery
Atomic battery
Optoelectric nuclear battery
Nuclear micro-battery
Bunsen cell
Chromic acid cell
Clark cell
Daniell cell
Dry cell
Earth battery
Galvanic cell
Grove cell
Leclanché cell
Lemon battery
Lithium battery
Lithium air battery
Mercury battery
Molten salt battery
Nickel oxyhydroxide battery
Oxyride battery
Organic radical battery
Paper battery
Reserve battery
Silver-oxide battery
Solid-state battery
Voltaic pile
Penny battery
Trough battery
Water-activated battery
Weston cell
Zinc-air battery
Zinc-carbon battery
Zinc chloride battery

Rechargeable Batteries:

Flow battery
Vanadium redox battery
Zinc-bromine flow battery
Fuel cell
Lead-acid battery
Deep cycle battery
VRLA battery
AGM battery
Gel battery
Lithium air battery
Lithium-ion battery
Lithium ion polymer battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery
Lithium-sulfur battery
Lithium-titanate battery
Molten salt battery
Nickel-cadmium battery
Nickel-cadmium battery vented cell type
Nickel hydrogen battery
Nickel-iron battery
Nickel metal hydride battery
Low self-discharge NiMH battery
Nickel-zinc battery
Organic radical battery
Polymer-based battery
Polysulfide bromide battery
Rechargeable alkaline battery
Sodium-sulfur battery
Super iron battery
Zinc-bromine flow battery
Zinc matrix battery

There are 64 different types of batteries in these lists alone!  In order to figure out the application of each and every battery in these two individual lists could take some time to sort out.

The devices in our home use a select few of  the battery types  found in the lists above.  The lithium-ion, lead-acid, gel cell, and a few others are commonly used though out our home and in our vehicles.  All the rest ?  Be careful when replacing the batteries in your home appliances  or vehicle because using the wrong battery can lead to unexpected problems.


Check out these helpful sites to learn more about selecting the right battery type when it is time to start replacing the batteries:

Rechargeable battery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grid energy storage applications use rechargeable batteries for load leveling, where they store electric energy for use


Battery Applications

The table below shows the range of applications which use batteries together with typical battery capacities required by the application. The section on Battery

Battery Types and Uses – CAP-XX

Designed as a single use battery, discarded or recycled after it runs out; Very high Lithium polymer batteries are not suitable for high-power applications, are



















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